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What we offer?

State of the art technologies to learn and master anything that runs on electricity!


Gitlab Server

  • 10 project limit
  • Container Registry
  • Project Management
  • Unlimited CI/CD
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Discuss Forum

  • Unlimited Discussions
  • Alumini Connect
  • Recordings Access
  • Share Knowledge
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SNA Labs

  • Destroyable Servers
  • Unlimited Services
  • VPN Access
  • Infinite Redeploys
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Try our labs. It’ll blow your mind.

Labs are created to change the way how you learn computer programming for real life. We are providing you destroyable servers where you can do any experiment and if anything goes wrong, you can redeploy your lab to factory settings in one click.

Oh yeah, it’s that good. See for yourself.

We have redefined the way you learn. Selfmade Ninja Academy is on a mission to bring the learning technology needed for 2022. Unlike your College Classroom with boring way of teaching, SNA introduces Objective Oriented Interactive Learning Strategies.

Connect. Like Never Before.

We have created to change the way you interact with our community of learners. You can ask and answer doubts in a meaningful way that is open for everyone and is free for everyone, now and forever.